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"There is no royal road to Geometry" Euclid

Hello and welcome to Prelude education's website. We provide small group tuition in preparation for the GCSE Higher in Mathematics (other levels will be offered soon). We focus on exam preparation and past paper questions.

That is said to have been Euclid's reply to Ptolomy, ruler of Egypt, who asked for an easier way of learning Maths.There are no short-cuts. Sorry. It's the truth. But we can help with getting rid of anxiety. There's no secret. Just a strong preparation and someone to share the burden with. Good preparation involves careful assessment and planning. These enable students to make good use of study time. We provide support using relevant resources so that study time is always well spent.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes.

We all need a little help from others to be the best we can be. It makes no difference if we are talking about Maths, football or playing the violin. As tutors we can help with explanations, organisation and focussing on what is most relevant to build self-confidence and achieve success.

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